Our Music

Mortimers have a distinctive sound with music collected from various regions in France. 


Music –
Recorded in 2020


Carr Lodge


Mighty Oak



Banks Village (4.1Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Butterley Brick (5.2Mb) (Uploaded 4th Oct 2010)

Carr Lodge Polka (4.5Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Colwick Lodge (4.4Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Fleetwood (3.6Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Golborne (3.9Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Great Budworth (2.8 Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Horse & Groom (3.4Mb) (Uploaded 18th Nov 2010)

Horwich (4.4Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Ipsden Polka (3.3Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Mighty Oak (2.8Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Miner’s Retreat (3.0Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Mortimers (3.8Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Morvan Polka (3.4Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Portland Hill (3.9Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Portland Hill Dance-off (579 Kb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Walton’s Parade (2.7 Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Westhaughton (4.3Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)

Whitby Shindig (4.0Mb) (Uploaded 8th Dec 2009)


Come and see us

Come and see us!

After the way too long ‘enforced interruption’

Mortimers Morris is really excited to be BACK in 2021!

With new dances created for 2021 and highly motivated team, we are pleased to be booked at the following events:

Sunday 18th. July
Haddon Hall , Derbyshire
Monday 19th. July
Spanish Bar , Ilkeston , Notts., / with Greenwood Clog Morris
27-30th. August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival
3rd-5th. September
Southwell Folk Festival , Notts.

Or if you are interested in joining us, why not come along to one of our practice sessions? We would love to see you. 

Practices: (Government health guidelines observed).

Generally Sunday evenings , sometimes Sunday afternoon. 5-10 minutes drive from Junction 26 of the M1 motorway .

Please contact us before travelling.